About me

Cars and motorcycles are my passion, and I’ve built a long-standing career around writing about all things automotive. The numerous major publications, websites and brands for which I’ve worked, both freelance and on-staff, are testament to my extensive knowledge, understanding and experience of the motoring industry and publishing world. As you browse my website, you’ll see examples from my extensive portfolio. I’ve earned a few Guild of Motoring Writers awards along the way, as well: Editor of the Year – Highly Commended; Feature Writer of the Year – Highly Commended; and Road Safety Writer of the Year.

About 1

I own a fleet of interesting vehicles, and I’m never afraid to don my overalls and get stuck in. I inherited a family passion for all things old, obscure and knackered, and owned my first motorcycle at four years old. OK, so it was made of yellow vacuum-formed plastic and I had to paddle it along the ground with my feet while making ‘brum brum’ noises, but it started me on the slippery slope to mechanical mania.

Sarah Bradley sitting in a vintage car

My first historic car, bought at 17, was a 1957 Ford Consul, and it was swiftly followed by a succession of yet more quaint British classics, before I moved on to their larger, noisier, thirstier and altogether more vulgar American cousins. A 1969 Plymouth Road Runner muscle car, 1952 Studebaker Champion Starlight Coupe, 1929 Ford Model A roadster hot rod and 1956 Chevrolet pick-up currently vie for my attention – and my bank balance.

Having passed my motorcycle test at 19, I was promptly entrusted with my father’s 1958 Triumph Thunderbird. I still have it, along with a 1962 Triton café racer, pre-WWII Harley-Davidson WL45, 1952 Sunbeam S8 that was also my dad’s, and the loudest 2007 Triumph Thruxton on the planet.

Yes, you could call me a bit of a petrolhead.

(Images: Hiroyuki Maeda, Rustless)